Under the Ocean Game Review

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Feel like being the main character in Castaway? Maybe even befriend inanimate objects while you are at it? Well look no further, this gorgeous game is just for you! (tutorial/guide provided)

Under The Ocean (Sequel to Under The Garden)

A beautiful 3D side-scrolling survival game with a stuck on a deserted island theme to it. Currently being developed by Paul Greasley and Michael Reitzenstein

Why I got curious: I do not know why, but I have always like games that have a Castaway theme to them. Not that I would want to be stuck on a deserted island, everyone knows how grumpy and violent I get if I do not get my daily feedings of rice (I tried cutting out rice from my diet at one point well it did not end well. But that is another story and I have digressed enough). However, I am curious just like the next person on how well I would survive on my own that is why I was very happy when I learned about the game Under the Ocean. From Mr. Blueman (who really makes me think that he is a long lost brother of the Blue Man Group) to the gorgeous scenery, climate/weather changes, and beautiful piano piece in the background, I can truly say Under The Ocean is starting to be a strong contender on my top favorite indie games.

Those who have the game, as you read on, you will see I have provided detailed descriptions and pictures on how to do certain things in the game. I have done this because I noticed that quite a few people were having a hard time figuring out how to do things in the game as well. Hope it aids you guys.

SHOUTOUT OF GRATITUDE: Reviewing this game was made possible by Mr. Cool Last Name, one of the masterminds behind Under the Ocean. He had also humbly provided me with copies for my giveaway! Thank you again sir! ( Sorry guys, I am not sure if I am allowed to tell peeps his real identity he’s like batman ya know).