Thesis Statement Narrations

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What is your fondest memory have you ever visited a foreign country let’s say for example well in my experience I went to Spain as a college student for about six weeks one thing that happened to me that I will never forget is the heat and the Sun were very high I needed sunblock for my skin I accidentally bought suntan lotion and I had to explain to the lady in Spanish because she spoke no English why I needed to exchange the suntan lotion for the sun block and I was there with a few other of my peers she would not give my money back she would not exchange so I finally said I am already black yo estoy morena and she immediately gave my money back so that was a very memorable experience for me. Find out more about how to write narration essay at Edusson.

What did I learned how to speak really well in Spanish in a clutch alright so something like that you still need a thesis statement remember your narration is an essay it needs to have an introduction a thesis a body and a conclusion so instead of using a direct or three-point thesis statement narrations often use implied thesis statements here’s an example of a direct three-point thesis on our summer vacation to Hot Springs Arkansas we strolled down bathhouse row visited the gangster museum and caught a concert at Magic Springs in this thesis statement we know exactly what elements of your summer vacation you are getting ready to talk about you went to bathhouse Road you’re going to talk about that next you went to the gangster museum that comes second then you caught a concert at magic spring so we already know the organization of your narration all right and the second kind of thesis statement it is an implied thesis where it is suggested it is not direct at all.

For example when I had trouble with Medina is help came from an unexpected source not only is that an implied thesis but that is also a hook because now I want to know more well what happened you know what was the trouble with your finances what kind of help that you did you get so a hook catches the reader’s attention and makes us want to hear more we want to read your story to see what happened and that is what a hook is it gives a little bit of suspense and it’s a lead-in so that we are grabbed at the beginning and we want to continue to the end of your story narrative order your narration essay or stories are told in chronological order from beginning to end chronological order is also called time order or time sequence remember stories have a beginning a middle and an end as a beginning writer use a straightforward organizational structure do not use flashbacks this is not a creative writing class you are writing an essay about an experience in your personal life let’s practice a little bit on chronological order you might want to pause here and read these statements on your own.