Table Tennis Serve Tips

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Hey everyone, Chris here again,

I want to give you guys one of the most important table tennis tips the serve.

Now there are some table tennis players who ask, Why is the serve so important? My answer to this always is:

Because it`s the only time in a match where you have total control of the ball. Any person experienced in table tennis coaching will usually have his student work on his serves first and foremost. I have my students master the  4 most important serves:

  1. The forehand topspin serve
  2. The forehand backspin serve
  3. The backhand topspin serve
  4. The backhand backspin serve

Mastering these four basic serves is the most important part of my table tennis instruction. If you can master these serves, you will already be farther ahead than most  players. You may be asking,

How do I practice these servers?

The first thing you need to practice is accuracy, because without accuracy, your serve is useless.

Place a piece of regular-size paper on the opponent’s side of the table, and try to consistently hit the paper with your ball on the first bounce. Also, try to keep your spin consistent and your table tennis paddle steady. Before you try to vary your spin, you must follow this specific table tennis instruction. So now, let’s quickly mention how you can work on your spin.

There are a few ways to vary your spin:

  1. Alter the amount of brushing or skimming you use on the ball
  2. Use more or less wrist snap
  3. Use faster or slower arm speed.
  4. Hit the ball with the tip of the paddle.

With the help of this simple table tennis coaching, I’m sure you will definitely improve your game. Look out for more table tennis tips coming up. Until next time, keep practicing.