How is the job market for recent graduates?

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A common question that deserves a sound response.

If you are one of the hundreds of thousands of recent grads then you are most certainly aware of the pressure to find a job after graduation and probably wondered about the chances of finding that perfect career job.

Believe it or not – the job market is not as bad as it seems and not nearly as bad as the news and media present. Overall, there will in fact be fewer jobs for recent graduates, but there are still TONS of great companies looking to fill top notch positions with eager and talented college graduates.

The key is to start early. Similar to an early bird getting the worm the earlier you apply for jobs the better your chances.  In other words, start searching for jobs a.s.a.p.! Employers are looking to fill positions now and you don’t want to miss the opportunity to get in before the school year is over.

A good recommendation is to stay open-minded while also remaining persistent. The perfect position may present itself in the most unlikely ways and you have to keep your eyes and ears open for unexpected possibilities. Due to the recession companies are changing the way they hire and also the internal structure of their HR practices.  This means that they may be outreaching to potential employees through the Internet, competitions and more local and niche marketed job fairs.

Let your College do the work. Many universities offer fantastic alumni programs and internal job sites. This means that there are jobs only available for graduates from your university.

Best Paying Jobs for Women

The American job market is no longer a Man’s world. This recession has shown that Women have been able to hang onto their jobs longer (men have a much higher unemployment rate) and stronger (higher salary increases and raises). What’s the secret? Women are quickly becoming the more educated of the sexes.

Everyone knows that to compete in today’s job market one has to have education and training. This is where women excel, but the question is always what career path will best suit your passions and bank account.

Here is a list of best paying careers for women:

  1. Gynecologist

Women know their body best and in a recent survey the 90% of women indicated that they felt more comfortable with a female Gynecologist.  This means the competition is cut in half (sorry dudes) and the pay is ever increasing. Most often, gynecologist are paid per session, which means you can earn big bucks Here’s another reason why gynecology is one of the best paying careers for women: Aside from the obvious stream of patients you’ll have, you also get to charge them per session. That means Big Bucks for you just for a five-minute check-up.

  1. Fashion Rules

What would you say to getting paid to design dresses? Sounds amazing don’t it. Well the fashion world is a multi-billion dollar industry that is hungry to recruit the next Coco Chanel.  Most women have their own sense of style and if you are passionate enough and persistent enough then you just might be able to find a career that rewards you for your sense of style and uniqueness.

As with many fields, fashion is all about connections so start networking now!

3) Psyche yourself into a career change

Psychiatrists are one of the highest paid professionals in the medical field. Psychiatry is one of the most gender blind industries, which means you will be treated fairly and compensated justly. Patients go to doctors who can treat them regardless of gender.

Keep your eyes and ears open and you will find your passion.